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Fight of Steel Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date1/12/2023
PublisherDigital Crafter
ESRB RatingE
Opening text

Digital Crafter, the creator of the pretty awful Fight of Gods, has come out with a good game in the form of Fight of Steel. It’s not a perfect game, but the idea is solid and the game play this time is solid. The idea is that the in the future humanity has gone extinct and only robots remain, and they fight each other. Basically, you can create custom robots and fight each other both online and off. You pick one of five basic sets of punches and kicks, then three specials and a super move. Then you can control the idle and walking animations. Plus, you can customize the look of your robots.

The story mode

Unlike Fight of Gods, which had arcade and versus and that was pretty much it, Fight of Steel has a complete set of modes: Story, Arcade, Versus, Online, and a challenge mode. Story mode is you play a basic robot with human memory going into a tower to find something. Its frankly not important and I really didn’t pay much attention, but its there. In arcade, you fight a series of completely random opponents. In challenge, you have a series of missions, with opponents of various affinities, like fire or cold. You gain parts with each battle and the goal is change your bot to your opponent. So if you’re fighting a fire bot, you want a cold bot.

Fight of Steel’s Game Play

You’ll fight some, uhh… interesting creations!

The game play here is simple, a lot like Fight of Gods. You only have three buttons, two attack and a special button. The specials are done via the button plus forwards, back or up. There is a super button, which can trigger the super when the gauge is filled. The overdrive button give you added power for a few seconds, when that gauge is filled. Unlike Gods, Steel is fluid and responsive, this feels like a grade A game. It’s not exactly deep, but it had to be shallow in order to balance the game.

The levels are interesting too, like this one.

My only real complaint is the customization. You see, you get credits for everything you do in the game. These credits are used to unlock part sets and moves. You get credits for completing story and arcade, and every match in challenge. The issue is you don’t get much, so you have to play modes over and over to build up for the expensive look you want. There are weekly challenges, but they are things like “play story 3 times,” ugh. It can get monotonous.

Great shot

Fight of Steel is a good game, and Digital Crafter’s best work by far. I think the point is to play against the creations of other people online, but the meat of the game is unlocking credits to unlock the customization you want offline. Its not Street Fighter or Tekken, but it works. Well worth the $15 IMO. Not a Must Play, but worth a go for most fighting fans.

Overall: While it can feel like a slog at times, Fight of Steel is a very solid fighter and Digital Crafter’s best game.

Verdict: Recommended

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