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Yeah! Fighting Girl Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date1/26/23
ESRB RatingT

Yeah! Fighting Girl is an anime girl titillation game, that actually has some merit to it. You’re a demon girl, and you need to pay off your debt to the demon king. You do this by taking one various missions in an arena for money that can be used to pay off the debt. At least I think that’s the story, you see the story starts you off in Chinese:

I’m surprised this didn’t come out of Japan.

Only by going back and finding the language settings did I get half the story in English:

Not sure who those other girls are.

First, you fight through an area, and face the debt officer in a boss battle. Then you go to the arena proper and start paying off your debts, which you can also do by doing a sexy dance:

Nothing creepy here at all.

Anyway, most of the time will be spent in missions. When you go to the debt officer, you get a chance of three mission types, which range from defeat a boss, to fight through a level to a boss, to defend a rabbit, to just surviving:

All the English is Engrish!

Anyway, lets talk about the game play in Yeah! Fighting Girl. You get a basic attack with Y. 3 specials with X, L and R, and a super move with ZR. B is jump and ZL and is dodge. Plus left d button is an item you can select(see above). In each mission, you get pearls and gems, the pearls are used for items. The gems are used to raise stats, like more HP or critical chance. Extra gems can be combined into a random more powerful gems. Your specials can be upgraded with special items purchasable via pearls. Finally, money can be used to up your rank(level) or pay off the debt. In the arena area, you’re given chips, which when you leave is converted to money. If you lose a mission, your chips are halved(but not your money).

That is a boss.

Finally, its worth noting that there are four other girls to choose from, each with their own set of attacks, and separate ranks. The girls share the debt load.

So you can play four busty scantily clad women, and a child. Ewww…

Yeah! Fighting Girl: Pros and Cons

Yeah! Fighting Girl is better than you’d expect. The combat is fun and the systems work well. There is nothing fundamentally broken, which is good. The only problem is the repetitive mission structure. Each mission type takes place in their own area with their own enemies. The issue is they repeat. So the pumpkin arena is the clear mission type and does not appear to ever change. The enemies just get more HP and hit harder the more powerful you are. This hurts longevity. Do you really want to sit through the same six mission types over and over again for hours? I don’t.

As I said, there is a game here, and its a decent one, it can just get repetitive quickly. Plus, there is the creepiness of it all. The fact that one of the characters is a girl, and you can have her dance for money is just plain wrong. Still, if you want a decent time waster good in short bursts, the might be worth a try for you.

Overall: Yeah Fighting Girl is a very creepy game. However, there is a decent game underneath, though it might get too repetitive.

Verdict: YMMV(Cause of the creepiness)

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