Bazzle Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date1/5/23
PublisherGhostwhale Game

Bazzle is a cross between a sliding tile puzzle and a Rubik’s cube. You are given a set of images and you must move the images around until they fit into the box in the correct order. You can either move the tiles like in a sliding tile puzzle, or by rows, as in the Rublik’s cube. Let me show you via an image what this looks like:

Honestly, I didn’t get very far in Bazzle because I neither like sliding tile puzzles nor Rubik’s cubes. You even have two modes. There is solo, where you win stickers as rewards, and practice, which has a more relaxed feel to it. In solo, there are a tons of pre-made puzzles spread across four difficulty levels in several different sets. Practice gives you random puzzles in your preferred difficulty settings without a move limit. So, if you like this sort of thing, you’ll find a lot to like here. Normally, I’d give this a YMMV, except there are absolutely no negatives I can think of. So it’ll get a Recommended.

Overall: Bazzle is a cross between a Rubik’s cube and a sliding tile puzzle. Those who who like these kinds of puzzles have a lot to like.

Verdict: Recommended

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