Jewel Match Solitaire Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date1/26/23
PublisherOcean Media
ESRB RatingE

Yesterday on twitter, I put indie devs on notice. I’m paying attention to the casual market. It gets ignored by the gaming press and content creators. But I’m not ignoring it; it’s a niche I can fill. There is, however, one problem, exemplified by Jewel Match Solitaire: Collector’s Edition. It is virtually the same game as Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire, which I reviewed a while ago. The core gameplay is entirely the same. In fact, let me copy and paste:

Jewel Match Solitaire is a variation on Tripeak Solitaire. Instead of the standard Tripeak formation, you have the cards set up in various formations. From the home stack, you play a card—one below and one above—to make combos in order to clear the formation. The combos increase the multiplier, which affect the coins you get at the end. If you shuffle through all the cards on the home stack, game over. The interesting thing is, even if you lose, you can still move on, just with fewer or no stars.

It’s the same game, just a different theme.

Now, what sets Jewel Match Solitaire apart is the obstacles. Lock cards can only be unlocked via the key card. Ice cards must be played twice. Wax seals can only be removed by playing a card with the color and suit of the seal. Scythe cards remove vines, and scissor cards remove chains (both prevent the card from being played).

The scenes return!

Now that I’m done copy-and-pasting, it’s time to show what makes this version of Jewel Match Solitaire different from Twilight Solitaire. The main difference is, instead of Mahjong, you have 12 different solitaire variations, including Klondike, Spider, Freecell, and Aces up. Plus, the collector’s edition gives more levels and 6 more solitaire variations you can unlock. There’s an amazing amount of Solitaire content here for you to enjoy.

Yes spider solitaire is here to enjoy.

I’ll be honest. Jewel Match Solitaire: Collector’s Edition is getting a Must Play verdict. Why? Because it’s a solitaire fan’s dream game. You get the huge standard game plus 18 extra solitaire variations. Most solitaire games will give you 5 variations maximum. But as I said in my Cubic Light review, sometimes, the best games don’t have to be flashy, just the best they can be. This is one of those games.

Overall: Jewel Match Solitaire: Collector’s Edition is a solitaire fan’s dream game, with tons of great solitaire content for you to enjoy, going well beyond the standard five variations.

Verdict: Must Play

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