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Cubic Light Switch Review

Platform Nintendo Switch
Release Date1/26/23
ESRB RatingE

Cubic Light is the fourth Cubic Games, after Figures, Cubicban and Parking. Cubic Parking was disappointing, with only thirty puzzles. Dillyframe promised more and they added thirty more puzzles in December. Fortunately, Cubic Light is a return to form, complete at release, for this delightful series of puzzle games, even exceeding its previous best. Like the others, this game is bare-bones. Minimal visuals and sound, but heavy on the puzzle goodness. This time, this a light puzzle, where you place colored boxes with arrows on them on the block configurations.

Cubic Light

The arrows show which direction the light with go. It will go until it hits the end, or another block. The game slowly adds colored blocked, usually in their own configuration, so the puzzles are usually self-explanatory, though some requite out of the box thinking. In other puzzles you might not even need all the blocks. New to Cubic Light are challenge levels. Every five, the give you white blocks and you need to figure out the correct colors and placement of the blocks. Needless to say, these can be significantly harder that the rest.

Cubic Light

There are seventy five puzzles here in Cubic Light, each harder than the next. Therefore, the series has returned to form and even exceeded the others. Therefore I’m giving this game a coveted Must Play verdict as the series has reached its zenith, and it hope future ones continue being awesome. Sometimes the best games don’t have to be flashy with great graphics and sound, they just have to be the best at what they are.

Overall: Cubic Light is a return to form for the Cubic Series. It even exceeds the best of the previous. Therefore, its a Must Play.

Verdict: Must Play

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