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Red Bird Adventure Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/9/22
ESRB RatingE

Let’s get this out of the way. Red Bird Adventure has absolutely nothing to do with Angry Birds. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Angry Birds was a mobile hit from some time ago about flinging birds into structures to defeat evil pigs. It eventually spawned a media empire that included a feature film. This game is not part of that empire; however, the developers behind this game want you to make the connection. There isn’t. The appears to be a version of an old flash game called Red Remover, that is not long playable on most sites.

Not Angry Birds, but they want you think so.

In Red Bird Adventure, you’ll be given structures full of different color blocks, mainly red, green, grey, and brown. The goal of the level is to remove the red or grey blocks by pressing on them. The green blocks must remain, while the brown are neutral and can be removed, or left alone, it doesn’t really matter. Gravity exists and blocks will fall downwards unless the birds are facing in a different direction, like left or even up. In that case, they’ll fall in the direction they are facing (this is used in puzzles). The puzzles vary in difficulty, but they are functional and often well designed. There is nothing wrong with the game except the Game Over screen.

Wait, what?

In the end, Red Bird Adventures is a competent puzzle game. Rely on the connection your brain makes to Angry Birds to purchase it. But, it didn’t really need to, However, in a crowded market, you can’t really fault the developers for trying anything to stand out on the E-Shop. Fortunately, the game is good and worth a play for puzzle fans.

Overall: Red Bird Adventure wants you to think it is an Angry Birds clone. It is not; however, it is still a decent puzzle game anyway.

Verdict: Recommended

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