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Piczle Lines 2 Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/22/23
ESRB RatingE

As soon as I saw Piczle Lines 2: Across the Puzzle Verse for sale, I was like “Take my money!” This is because its predecessor, Piczle Lines DX 500 More Puzzles, has been sitting on my Switch for years. Piczle Lines’ puzzles have you drawing lines between numbered colored blocks to form a picture. The key is that all the lines are drawn correctly and there are no excess spaces. In certain puzzles, there might be blank white spaces, but in most, there won’t be. So an average puzzle will look like this:

Don’t be intimidated. It’s doable, just takes a while.

The puzzle above in Piczle Lines 2 is very large, and they can get larger here. However, no matter the size, the idea is the same. Draw the lines and leave no spaces. In puzzles like the one above, it’s best to do the small lines first, then the larger ones, as the smaller ones will block in the larger lines, making the paths easier. Large or small, the puzzles play the same. In a sense, the Piczle puzzles are more relaxing than punishing. This is backed up by the smooth jazz soundtrack, which will soothe you.

See, the puzzle is done, just took over half an hour.

Piczle Lines 2’s Story

There are two modes in Piczle Lines 2: Story and Puzzle. Story Mode has a story with cut-scenes. But honestly, it’s not important. What is important is that you will go into various worlds like pirate, spooky, or Japanese, where you will solve puzzles and complete dioramas. Puzzle Mode includes excess puzzles or various themes, with more that unlock, or will be sold, in the future as DLC. Thankfully, RainyFrog is not obnoxious enough to sell puzzles right away, which is nice.

See, a story really doesn’t matter much.

Piczle Lines 2 is getting a Must Play. I’ve been giving out fewer lately, but I don’t calculate how many to give. If a game deserves it, it deserves it. If I played five extraordinary games in a week, they’ll all get Must Plays. The game features a ton of puzzles that the developer says will take 100+ hours. I believe it, as the larger puzzles take quite a while to do. This is a great puzzle game, and if you want even more of these, consider picking up the Piczle Lines DX Bundle for a thousand more puzzles.

Overall: When I saw Piczle Lines 2 for sale, I said, “Take my money!” This game should also get your money because it’s great!

Verdict: Must Play

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