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Big Adventure: Trip To Europe 3 Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/23/23
PublisherOcean Media
ERSB RatingE

Big Adventure: Trip To Europe 3 Collector’s Edition is the third iteration of the Trip To Europe series. I requested the key for this game and will be reviewing it assuming the previous entries are similar. So here, you are a family of four traveling around Europe to various destinations, and once you get there, you have hidden objects to find. In some levels, there are two stages, usually a special task like finding a specific amount of a certain item, and then the regular style of finding objects via keywords. In addition to the regular items, there is always raccoon to find, a stamp to find, and one to three shadow items (in the box on the left in the screenshot). In between place levels, there are also mini-games to play which range from easy to kind of hard. You can skip these if you want, but they add a bonus to your score.

They are looking for the potted plant in the street towards the back.

Sometimes, finding items in Big Adventure: Trip To Europe 3 can get tricky, as the wording can be strange, like asking me to find a flashlight while calling it a torch. In the screenshot above, they asked me to find a plant, in a level full of plants. Other times, you have to use objects with another object, or find an object in another object. But it’s occasionally not clear what they want you to do, or which items are involved. Still, once you get the hang of things, these quirks are excusable.

This mini-game required some tries.

Overall, I highly enjoyed Big Adventure: Trip To Europe 3. It is a good hidden object game at its core, even with the quirks. The collector’s edition, which this is, adds more levels and mini-games, plus the stamps to find. I recommend this to any hidden object fan. And if you want more of this, might I suggest Trip to Europe 2?

Overall: Big Adventure: Trip To Europe 3 is a delightful romp around Europe you’ll want to take if you are a hidden object fan!

Verdict: Recommended

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Game was received for free from the publisher.

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