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Rider Among Dead Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date3/2/23

Rider Among Dead – Mad Zombie Killer Machine Survival has a pretty good premise. There is a giant wasteland full of zombies, and you must traverse the wasteland to transport vital goods to survivors. The issue is they didn’t have a budget. The wasteland is just a boring desert with groups of zombies randomly strewn about. There are 4 places: the starting base, the city, the water base, and the oil base. There are also 5 missions: transport workers between the city and any of the bases, transport supplies from the bases to the city, or you kill 30 zombies. You do them endlessly.

I have yet to find a way to consistently throw a zombie off your car.

Of course, when you complete the missions, you get coins to pimp your rides, but there’s really no point. Do each mission once and you’ve seen it all. There’s no variation or story, just the same five missions over and over again. Sure, the end result of the ride pimping can look cool, but again, why? You can complete the first four easily with your base car, and you don’t lose coins when you die. Not to mention, deaths can be cheap as there is no consistent way to throw zombies off the car unless you approach settlements. There’s no point to Rider Among Dead.

Looks awesome, sure, but no real reason to work for it.

Shovelware games like Rider Among Dead often have big dreams but no budget to work with, so you get bland, boring games. Rider Among Dead could have been something in the hands of a more capable developer with a budget. Unfortunately, there is just not anything here to recommend it to anyone. It’s not complete garbage, but it’s nothing I can recommend either.

Overall: Rider Among Dead has a good premise, just no budget. The result is a painfully boring game not worth your time.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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