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Fur Squadron Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date3/17/23
PublisherRaptor Claw
ESRB RatingE

Picture this: a group of furries pilot starships in a blocky low-poly environment. What game am I talking about? If you said Star Fox, you’d be correct! Fur Squadron is a Star Fox clone, right down to the clever banter between you and your fox wing man. There’s a story involving a space empire and stuff, but it does not matter. What does matter is you’re a furry racoon who, along with a furry fox, plays around in a VR simulation run by this amphibian furry (I think). There are six levels. The first three, then the first three again, except harder with a different boss (the explanation is somebody hacked the simulation).

Not Starfox

The gameplay in Fur Squadron is Star Fox, minus the boost and break feature. It copies it very well. But is it as polished as Star Fox, or as fun? No. Part of the reason is levels are short, and the entire game can be beaten in well under an hour. Star Fox was too, but there was re-playability as it had multiple routes and difficulty levels. There is none of that here. Also, the reusing of levels is really, really lazy. The banter isn’t very interesting either, even with amphibian using literal emojis in dialog.

The original still holds up.

Fur Squadron wants to be Star Fox. It is not Star Fox though, as much as the developers want it to be. This game is only seven dollars, but I don’t think it even is worth that. I mean, it’s an admirable attempt and a competent game, but do you want reheated week-old leftovers, or a three-course meal at a Michelin-star rated restaurant? Star Fox, Star Fox 2, and Star Fox 64 are all available on Nintendo Switch Online. They’re worth playing if you have access. I’d give it a YMMV, but I can’t even give it that when the first two games it copies from come free with Nintendo online. It’s hard to say, but I’d pass.

Overall: Fur Squadron is a Star Fox clone. But do you want reheated week-old leftovers, or a three-course meal at a Michelin-star rated restaurant?

Verdict: Not Recommended

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