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Fortress Building Puzzle Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date4/20/23
PublisherInstamarketing and Game
ESRB RatingE

Fortress Building Puzzle – Galaxy Cube Tower Simulator Game, or Castle Puzzle, proves that Falling Elevator was not a fluke. I think Instamarketing and Game have finally begun to understand how to make a good game: Keep it simple. The problem with their prior games was that they promised something couldn’t deliver, like an open world truck simulator. So, they have narrowed their games down to simplicity and it works wonders.

Fortress Building Puzzle is essentially a variation on Jenga. Your goal is to move the top piece to the bottom. You do this by removing the Tetris blocks in between. Remove the wrong piece, and the entire thing goes toppling. It’s harder than it looks, and there are multiple difficulty levels, which correspond to tower height.

Whether or not Fortress Building Puzzle is a clone is irrelevant. This is a no frills, simple game for three bucks. Its not broken, though the two different names are strange. Regardless, can’t go wrong if you want a cheap casual puzzle game. Can Instamarketing and Game pull a hat trick with a third decent game? We’ll see.

Overall: Fortress Building Puzzle proves Falling Elevator wasn’t a fluke and Instamarketing and Game is beginning to get it.

Verdict: Recommended

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