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Parkour Jump Adventure Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date4/13/23
PublisherDezvolt Games
ESRB RatingE

Parkour Jump Adventure – Simulator Stunt Tycoon Escape Kid Super Hero World Games isn’t a bad game by any means. I kind of liked it. However, the name and the world salad afterward makes no sense at all. There’s no real adventure, and no real parkour. There is jumping though, lots and lots of jumping. You see, in the game, you dive off things and trying to land standing in the central target to rack up at least a silver medal. You can start either frontwards or backwards. Then you lean and jump. While falling you do flips, then try to land standing.

Landing in the red is key to passing a level.

There are a several different areas in Parkour Jump Adventure, each with seven levels each. The first six are single jumps. The seventh is a combo level of the previous six jumps in sequence. You have gold, silver and bronze medals, plus bonus conditions to meet. For example, you might have to wait a full second before flipping. Honestly, I found it amusing. Its not deep or anything, but a fun time waster.

Now, Parkour Jump Adventure has a $20 price tag, and they discount it to $1.99 to make it seem like a deal. I totally savaged Green Soldier Heroes for doing this, but that game was pure garbage. This game is not. I don’t see why they just permanently price it at like $2.99. It is worth the money. Therefore, this game will get a Recommended with an asterisk.

Overall: Despite the questionable pricing tactic, Parkour Jump Adventure is a fine little time waster. Get it only when on sale.

Verdict: Recommended*

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* Only when on sale.

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