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Amaze! Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date4/28/23
PublisherQubic Games
ESRB RatingE

Amaze! is a puzzle game that plays like a sliding puzzle, with paint. You slide around a maze and every square you slide over it paints it. Your goal is to paint the entire maze. There are three modes of play for single player. There is classic, where you just paint the maze with unlimited time and moves. There is a time rush mode where you have to paint five mazes in thirty seconds. Then there is a limited moves mode. I enjoyed this. It gives my strategic mind a workout. It is not wholly original, but its good.

My issue with Amaze! are the two level packs available at release, retailing for $1.99 each. The first pack gives 150 classic and 50 limited moves levels. The second pack gives 150 classic and 50 time rush levels. I’m not sure why they aren’t packaged with the base game for a few extra dollars. However, there are plenty of levels in the base game to keep you enthralled for awhile, so packs are optional. Still, as I said, why not package them together for say, $6, It seems kind of greedy to me.

Yes, you can unlock special balls, like this hamburger.

In the end, I enjoyed Amaze! The level packs at release are disappointing, but does not take away from the original game at all. Recommended!

Overall: Amaze! is a good sliding maze game. The only disappointment are the two levels packs. But they don’t detract from the game!

Verdict: Recommended

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