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Sport & Fun: Swimming

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date4/21/23
PublisherRedDeer Games
ESRB RatingE

Sport & Fun: Swimming Extended Edition does not leave a good taste in my mouth, and its not because of the chlorine in the pool. It gives me a bad a taste because it reminds me of Martial Knight. That game is only one of two games to get a Hilariously Awful verdict thus far. This game will not get that verdict, but the two games share a similar goal, to train you in the wrong way. Martial Knight had you doing martial arts moves with no guidance or practicality. Here, you train swimming while standing in front of the TV flailing your arms around in a vaguely swimming motion. The kicker is, you don’t even have to do the right motion, the game seems to just register than the joy-cons are moving or not.

Sport & Fun: Swimming is divided into days. You have a certain numbers of meters to swim each day, though you can go for longer… and that’s it. You can change the character and the stroke, but the game play remains the same. If you want, you can train with your friend, but not race, as you are not supposed to flail too fast. The whole thing is just boring and pointless.

Yippee I can flail for hundreds of hours for some reason!

Game & Sport: Swimming is abysmal. There’s absolutely no point to playing it. If you want to swim, swim in pool. Flailing your arms around in vaguely swimming motion is not swimming. It does not teach you how to swim. You’re better off paying nineteen dollars for a day at the pool that waste it on this.

Overall: I’d rather swallow a mouthful of chlorinated water than go back and play Sport & Fun: Swimming Extended Edition again!

Verdict: Garbage

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