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Pretty Girls 2048 Strike Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date5/11/23
ESRB RatingT

I should have had the review done last week, but a combination of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and a pinched nerve in my neck made me take the week off. Well I’m back, so: Pretty Girls 2048 Strike is pretty good. I’m serious. I enjoyed the game play. I’m completely serious. Yes there are giant boobs, this is a Pretty Girls game. But its oddly less creepy than other games, as the four protagonists keep their clothes on, like this:

The antagonists in Pretty Girls 2048 Strike are the ones who wear skimpy clothes. You see, this is a puzzle battle game. I think its best to show the board to make sense of this:

In Pretty Girls 2048 Strike, you slide number blocks in one of 4 directions, trying to slam a number block into an enemy block. They take damage based on the number on the block. If you slam two of the same number together, they double. Two becomes four becomes eight becomes sixteen, and so on. Your goal is to run up the numbers of the blocks to land big hits on the enemy blocks. The enemy blocks will eventually have thousands of HP, so high number blocks are key. Each of the protagonists have a skill to use once the meter is full. Enemies also have their own skills to use as well, they will throw obstacles in your way.

It used to be Pretty Girls games were mid at best. But lately the developers have stepped up their game, making better game play to go along with the boobies. Pretty Girls 2048 Strike is such a game. I slid blocks for hours because it is s fun to do so. The boobs were secondary and faded into the background before long. Well done.

Overall: Pretty Girls 2048 Strike is a fun little puzzle game where the boobs quickly fade into the background as the game play stands on its own.

Verdict: Recommended

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Game received for free from the publisher.

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