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Hooligan Simulator Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date6/24/23
PublisherDezvolt Games
ESRB RatingT

Yesterday I reviewed Army of Ruin, a Must Play experience! Today it is business as usual with Hooligan Simulator – San Gangster Andreas Fight for City, Battle Gangs, Shooter, Police. You start on a balcony, then jump down into a series of alleyways with random NPCs standing around. Then you get money and go to the paint store and buy cans from a window. Then you around the alleys spray painting pre-made graffiti art by using the correct color. There is a helpful meter that shows how complete the graffiti is. Once your its complete, you move onto the next one. And.. that;s about it.

There are several custom graffiti areas, but you don’t have the precision to create great works, just blobs of color on the wall. There is nothing else. No police, no gun play, no rival gangs, nothing. Just walking around putting graffiti on walls. The E-shop lists this as a fighting game, there’s no fighting in it. This is not Marc Echo’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, which has a plot, platforming and stealth(I played it, even had a collector’s edition with an art book). Not that it was a great game, just far better than this.

In the end, there’s nothing here. There are ton of paint games for Nintendo Switch, where you can create great works of art. Hooligan Simulator is not one of them. Heck, you’re not even really a hooligan as nobody cares that you’re painting the walls. It’s not broken, but not at all interesting. Skip.

Overall: Hooligan Simulator: San Gangster Andreas Fight for City, Battle Gangs, Shooter, Police has nothing suggested in the later half of the title. Boring!

Verdict: Not Recommended.

Arbitrary numerical score: 2

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P.S. Read my Art Sqool Review! Its an… interesting paint game.

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