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Eroblast Switch Review

Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim is a mobile title transferred over to switch with minimal changes. They took out the micro-transactions, but unfortunately, forgot to modify to compensate. This is disappointing because Eroblast has potential on the Switch, just unrealized. The game itself takes places in a tinder-like application. You swipe on waifus and talk to them, and get increasingly spicier pictures. The key here is that everything you type back costs either seventy-five coins, or seventy-five gems. Most interactions cost coins, though the more interesting ones cost gems. Overall, the dating side of things is perfectly fine, and the writing is surprisingly decent.

Eroblast Waifu Dating Sim

To get coins and gems, you need to play the heart of Eroblast, block popping puzzles ala Pop Blocks. You press on two or more blocks to make a match. The more blocks you pop, the more powerful a power-up appears. First, a row or column destroying rocket. Second, a nine block destroying bomb. Finally, a cloud that destroyed blocks of the same color(depending on the color of the popped blocks). Every level has a specific target of special blocks to destroy. You have teddy bears, that need to be brought to the bottom. There are flowers that take five nearby matches to destroy. Then there are Diamonds, which comes from safes, which need a power-up to destroy. This all needs to be done in a limited number of moves.

EroBlast Waifu Dating SIm

The issue with Eroblast is this was originally freemium game. They want you spend gems on super power-ups, like a block destroying bow, or a car that destroys blocks in a cross pattern. You have to do it, especially if you want three stars, which gives the maximum amount of gems and coins. Some levels its near impossible to get three stars, others are impossible to beat without power-ups to begin with. In addition, you can spend gems to speed up the conversations. They come in blocks, which an increasingly long time between continuing. You can spend gems to speed up. The end result is you kind of end up stuck, with not enough gems to unlock certain waifus, or the special interactions. Plus you’ll be waiting a long time.

Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim

Finally, there’s Eroblast’s odd pricing, where you can buy standard edition for $15, with 13 waifus, or $30 for three DLC packs of waifus for a total of 37 waifus. The odd thing is, buying the dlc packs separately is more than $30, so if you are going to purchase this, get the $30 edition.

EroBlast Waifu Dating Sim

Eroblast needed to changed on the way over to the Switch. With a limited number of gems to obtain, things become a chore real fast. I’m thinking it would’ve been better if they allowed gem buying, because that’s what the game was designed for. Otherwise, there’s an odd mishmash that brings it down. Maybe they’ll go back and adjust, because otherwise, Eroblast is a fine little waifu dating game with little to complain about on that side.

Overall: Eroblast is a fine waifu dating sim, just the lack of adjustment for the move to freemium to paid brings it down.

Verdict: YMMV

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date7/14/23
PublisherQubic Games
ESRB RatingM
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