Pop Blocks Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date8/7/2021
PublisherPix Arts
ESRB RatingE

I’m really enjoying these Pix Arts freemium game knockoffs, the other being Sugar Sweet Candy. Pop Blocks knocks off Toy Blast and other similar ones. There are a pile of blocks. Click two or more to remove them. The more you click off, the more powerful a power-up you’ll get, including a bomb(which removes a square of blocks) and a pinwheel(which removes all of one block).

pop blocks
Checkerboard patterns are your bane.

There are several kinds of special blocks in Pop Blocks. There Beach balls, boxes and fish bowls, each have special properties. Beach balls simply need to be removed. Boxes need to be removed, but don’t fall when blocks are popped beneath. Fish bowls don’t get removed at all, but provide an endless supply of fish for the level goal. There can be power-ups on the field, they can be key to victory and need to be strategically used.

pop blocks
The power-ups on the field are key to this puzzles.

Like Sugar Sweet Candy, Pop Blocks seems to have been a freemium game, then switched. There is a bonus wheel, limited lives on timers and the free coin shop. And like Sugar Sweet Candy, Pop Blocks is addicting and can be challenging at times.

Overall: Pop Blocks is another good freemium knock off from Pix Arts.

Verdict: Recommended

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