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Shooting Range 3D is a minigame!

The Shooting Range 3D Switch Review

The Shooting Range 3D: Shooting Gallery Simulator is a perfectly fine ten minute diversion, assuming it is on sale. If its not on sale, and is at its ten minute price, pass this one by. The reason being, this is not really a full game. This is a mini-game, masquerading as full title. This would be perfectly fine at home in another game, usually an action game. But I’ll be honest, the shooting range in titles like Resident Evil 4: Remake were far more engaging than this.

Shooting Range 3D Level 12

So in Shooting Range 3D, you have a pistol and bunch of targets. You could limited ammo. You might have a time limit. There might be a set number of targets to hit. There could a minimum point limit to reach. Most levels have a mixture of the four requirements or constraints. There are three kinds of targets. The standard round bullseye target, the body target above, and a second kind of body target. The body targets may move, the bullseye is always stationary. There are forty levels, that’s the game.

Shooting Range 3D Level 31

The issue with Shooting Range 3D is that there are the forty levels and absolutely no repeatability. You beat the level, that’s it. There’s no reason to do better on any level because there is no reward for it. So in the end, you have a ten minute diversion. You beat the forty levels and game over. As I said at the start, this is a mini-game, not a full game. If it’s two dollars on sale, pick it up. If it’s anything more than that, pass this by. Shooting ranges in most action games are more thrilling than this is.

Overall: Shooting Range 3D is not a full title. On sale, its worth the diversion. If it is not discounted, pass this by.

Verdict: Recommended*

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* Only if its on sale.

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date5/4/24
ESRB RatingE

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