Virtual Mom Switch Game Review

If I had millions of dollars to waste, I would fund the creation of a video game called Soccer Mom, The Sims meets Real Housewives meets GTA. “Oh shit your kids missed the bus, you have 5 minutes to get the to school across town!” Meanwhile, you have your “mom rep” to protect from other vicious housewives. It would be insane, and awesome. Virtual Mom – Job Simulator Manager is not that game. It’s not even close. Its by GameToTop, a subsidiary of Midnight Works, purveyors of total crap. It promises that you’ll “become a true Virtual Mom and prove that you can handle life’s challenges with grace!” Well, as you’d expect, Virtual Mom is garbage.

Virtual Mom is nothing like being a real mother.
Why do your kids sleep next to each other in a king sized bed?

Virtual Mom is divided into two parts. The first part is you walking around from point A to point B to Point C in a time limit. This section is supposed to simulate the tasks of the day, however, it is boring as hell. You do two to four tasks, and the level ends. It is also ridiculously easy. The second part of Virtual Mom, not talked about at all or shown in official screenshots, is a Candy Crush knock-off. It too is ridiculously easy and quite boring to boot. Strangely, for the mom part, you use the left stick. For “Candy-Crush” you use the d-pad.

Virtual Mom has match 3 for no reason at all.
Totally pointless.

Virtual Mom could have been my theoretical game Soccer Mom. Of course, we weren’t going to get that from anything associated with Midnight Works. Instead, you have a garbage game with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. If you want to be a busy mom, play the Sims. If you want match 3, there are a billion other options on the Switch like Sugar Sweet Candy. I’m not a woman, but I’d imagine childbirth is less excruciating than playing this. I kid, but this game is painful. .

Overall: The only thing Virtual Mom simulates is the pain of childbirth!

Verdict: Garbage

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date10/1/23
PublisherGametoTop Corp
ESRB RatingE
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