PictoPull Switch Game Review

Do you remember the Pushmo series? They were download only 3DS/Wii U titles that are now lost to time. Thanks Nintendo. I played the first, Pushmo, and I think the second, Crashmo. Pushmo was about you pushing and pulling blocks making up a picture to reach the goal. It was essentially the definition of a puzzle platformer. It was fun, though I forgot it existed completely until Pictopull came along. Pictopull is Pushmo, except you play a robot instead of a little fat dude. It has a few added neat twists that make it it excel. This game is far harder than its inspiration and the puzzles get positively huge.

Pictopull Two Story

Look at the puzzle above. Pull out, jump and push in the blocks you need to to get to the goal. Now how about Push out and pull in switches? These what do you think, completely push out or pull in blocks. How about Portals, who do exactly what you what you think you do? There about unity blocks,, which pull out or push in all of the same colored blocks. How about climbing a giant Mona Lisa with hundreds of blocks. Yeah Pictopull get real mental really fast, but that’s good thing I think. The more mind bending the puzzles, the better!

Pictopull Oval

The only negative thing I can say about this is a minor bug in some puzzles. When you go to push the red reset button, you’ll fall through the floor. Fortunately, you can walk out and be fine. Other than that, Pictopull is a fantastic puzzle game that comes highly recommended. I’d give it I Must Play if it didn’t have the floor bug. So if you’re missing Pushmo, or never played Pushmo, play Pictopull anyway, a fine puzzle platformer and job well done!

Overall: PictoPull is the second coming of Pushmo, and manages to make the concept even more mind bending.

Verdict: Recommended

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date10/3/23
PublisherBearded Ants
ESRB RatingE

PS. Why does Tents and Trees come to mind?

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