Another World Mahjong Girl Switch Game Review

Another World Mahjong Girl is not a Mahjong Solitaire game, or which there are 80 billion on the switch, I’ve reviewed a few. This game stands out because it is Riichi Mahjong, or Japanese Mahjong. It is basically picking up and discarding tiles until you get a winning hand. I’ve played several hours of it, and I still can’t explain the rules, but this helpful guide can. Another World Mahjong Girl is not just about the Mahjong, it is also about the big breasted waifus, 20 in all. You play against them in 18 chapters. There is a story, but it is not at all important. Each waifu is accompanied by a rather long descriptor of who they are, but it plays no role in anything.

I got a Kan, I dunno what that means.

You play against the waifus as one of four other waifus. Each can be leveled up in the “discipline” screen, where they sensually moan every time you use a stat boosting item. It also unlocks special wall building moves, activated by the lightning currency at the bottom right. As far as the game play goes, I guess it does an alright job of Richii Mahjong. I have nothing to compare it to, but it doesn’t seem particularly broken. I played on casual difficulty(because I’m clueless), and the AI was a pushover, most of the time. Its important to raise your gems, because the winner of each hand subtracts their score from your gems.

Another World Mahjong Girl: Discipline me harder daddy
She loved that!

Another World Mahjong Girl is T-Rated. There is no nudity here. Still, the game is embarrassingly risque. There’s even a gallery mode where you interact with the girls you’ve unlocked. In it, you can touch them in the no-no square and they say sexual things. I wouldn’t be caught dead playing this in public. They might as well have just added in the bare boobs, same demographic would be buying that as this. Maybe EastAsiaSoft will release a physical version with nudity down the line.

Another World Mahjong Girl, innuendo abounds
If you don’t get what she’s referring too, you’re too young for this.

In the end, Another World Mahjong Girl is a decent Richii Mahjong title wrapped up is a very risque package. I can’t really find much fault here, but I’m not going to give it a Must Play either. It’ll get a Recommended.

Overall: Another World Mahjong Girl is a decent Richii Mahjong game in a risque package.

Verdict: Recommended

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date10/20/23
ESRB RatingT

Game received for free from the publisher.

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