Nono Adventure Switch Review

I don’t believe I’ve ever done a straight picross game review, so here one is in Nono Adventure. I like picross, they’re fun brain teasers. So what are picross puzzles exactly?

Nono Adventure random puzzles

You have a grid of squares. On the outside are numbers that correspond to which squares will be filled in a row or column. You then use logic to deduce which squares will be filled in to make a picture. Nono Adventure is a picross game with a theme of adventure, with adventure related puzzles in three modes. The first is adventure mode, where an adventurer named Nono will relate his tale of adventure with his chicken, and do puzzles related to the adventure. For example, you’ll create an orc, or the chicken itself. Freestyle is one off pictures but always related to adventure, like a gun. Random mode is randomly generated puzzles and kind of look like QR codes when finished.

Nono Adventure Adventure Mode

The picross puzzles themselves in Nono Adventure are fine, but UI is both good and bad. One the good side, it automatically shows you when you clear a row or column, and since you have 3 mistakes until game over(and therefore can’t make mistakes), it’s always correct. On the bad side, you can’t hold down the button and drag squares like in some other games. You have to manually select each square to fill in, or show that’s empty. That gets kind of annoying after awhile. There is also an easy mode to toggle, where it shows you the solution and you just fill it in, but that takes away all the fun of picross.

Nono Adventure puzzle

There are quite a few picross games for the Switch, including ten in the Picross S series itself. Nono adventure is a fine addition to those, and if you like picross, you’ll find a lot to like here. Recommended.

Overall: Nono Adventure is a perfectly fine picross game that fans of picross will no doubt enjoy.

Verdict: Recommended

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date3/16/23
PublisherDawid Poleszczuk
ESRB RatingE

For a variation on Picross, try Tents and Trees.

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