Radio Cars Switch Game Review

Entity3 is a developer who releases simple 99 cent games on switch e-shop. You would think these would absolute bottom barrel shovelware, the kind Midnight Works releases. Well, strangely, you’d be wrong. I’ve played a few of them, including Bust Up and Paper Bad. And while some are better than others, they are solid little time wasters. Radio Cars continues in this tradition. It is a simple game, you control a radio car around increasingly difficult courses, But I found Radio Cars fun. It can be challenging, but not in a “this just sucks way,” but a “I need to get better” kind of way. Each course you complete gets you 100 coins, which you use to unlock new cars and tires. The game is nothing more than that.

Radio Cars is surprisingly challenging for the right reasons!

How do I review a game like Radio Cars? It works, its functional, it’s amusing. You’re paying one dollar, so don’t go in expecting hours upon hours of deep game play. You will not find it here. In Bust Up, the content repeated after awhile, and I’d imagine its not different here. But that’s fine. This is a one dollar game. Entity3 bills itself as a Hyper Casual Game Company. That’s exactly what they are, as they got their start in mobile titles. If you buy a title from Entity3, you know what you are getting for your dollar, a simple time waster, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Therefore, I will give Radio Cars a Recommended. Just keep in mind what you are buying, and you should do just fine with these titles.

Overall: Radio Cars is a title by Entity3, a cheap game developer with who produces games of surprising quality, like this one.

Verdict: Recommended

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PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/4/23
PublisherEntity 3
ESRB RatingE
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