Waifu Impact Switch Game Review

There is a game called Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash where you run around in bikini clad waifus and shoot each other with squirt guns. I have never played this game, but if Steam is anything to go buy, its alright Maybe I’ll pick it if it ever goes on sale. Waifu Impact is attempt to mimic that game, except falls flat on its face.

Waifu Impact Menu Screen
You’re know you’re getting quality when this is your menu screen.

In Waifu Impact, you run around this island collecting stars, which are used to unlock all eight beauties. There are other waifus ready to shoot you with a water gun. I should say Waifu, as there is only one. You shoot said waifu, and she falls over and disappears in a poof. And that’s it. Supposedly the more waifus you defeat, the more sexy pictures you unlock. If you die, you simply respawn and continue. I don’t really care. This game sucks. Its not fun, and the sexy pictures aren’t worth it. Here’s a video to demonstrate the dull game play in Waifu Impact:

Most men like jiggly bikini-clad boobs. And if they say they don’t, they are lying. I like Jiggly bikini-clad boobs. It is why I chose to review this now years old game. Well that, and Switch Scores told me it needed one more review to get a rating. Waifu Impact is a terrible game and the bikini-clad boobs simply not worth the five dollars. There are much, much better options for those, including the aforementioned Senran Kargura: Peach Beach Blast. Skip this, and let this fade into the ether where it belongs.

Overall: Bikini-clad boobs aren’t enough to save Waifu Impact from being godawful.

Verdict: Garbage

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date4/28/22
ESRB RatingT

PS. How about some NSFW titles instead!

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