Moto Rush GT Switch Game Review

There are eleven versions of Moto Rush GT on the E-Shop. Why? I guess Baltoro games is pulling a RedDeer Games and releasing the same game infinite times to clog up the e-shop. I mean, yeah, it prevents the game from falling into the slush pile, but gives the game a slimy reputation. I got the Platinum Edition, which is virtually indistinguishable from the others.. But how is Moto Rush GT? Is it worth the price? Honestly, yeah, it is. Its a decent arcade racer with a fair amount of modes. I had fun with it. Its a shame that it is subject to shady selling practices. Let’s get into it.

Moto Rush GT is a first-person motorcycle game. The idea, regardless of the mode you are playing, is to get far as possible, as fast as possible while weaving in and out of traffic. You get points for nearly missing vehicles, going top speed, going in the opposite lane(assuming there is one) and popping a wheelie. There are three ways to play, steer with the buttons, twisting the switch itself, or using the toy-con motor-bike.My suggest is to use the buttons, its the most intuitive. But regardless of how you play, the play is butter smooth. It really is fun to weave and nearly crash into on coming traffic.

There are four modes of play in Moto Rush GT. Career has you doing various missions, like drive a certain number of kilometers in a time limit, or getting a certain number of near misses. Time Trial has driving as far as possible in two minutes. Arcade is trying a rack up a high score and get as far as possible on one life. Just Drive is they randomly pick a route and a bike and you get as far as you can. All of these modes earn you money, which you use to purchase bikes and upgrade them. Better bikes are faster, and required for later missions in Career.

Moto Rush GT is worth playing if you’re interested in a fun arcade racer. The only issue is that there are 11 versions. Pick whichever you want really. They’re all good, as they’re the same game.

Overall: Despite the shady selling tactics, Moto Rush GT is a fine arcade racer.

Verdict: Recommended

E-shop page for platinum edition

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/3/23(for Platinum Edition)
PublisherBaltoro Games
ESRB RatingE
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