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Maggie the Magnet Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/14/2022


Maggie is a magnet. Your goal is to get through the level to the exits, designed by dotted lines. There’s only one catch, you can only turn on Maggie’s magnetic powers via the A button. That’s it, no other controls. When you press A, you become attracted the magnet ring present in each level, as shown below.

Maggie the Magnet Switch Review

So when pressing the A button, you are drawn to the magnet ring. Don’t press, you are not, though your momentum continues. This is critical to flinging yourself around the level.

Things are complicated by various devices and traps, such as various switches, springs, deadly fans and spikes. This makes precision flinging a must in later levels.

Maggie the Magnet Switch Review
Push the box into the fan to destroy it.

What’s nice about Maggie the Magnet are the various features presents, such as the ability to switch levels via the shoulder buttons, reset with the X button and switch themes via the Y button. Each theme is a different color with a tune that reminds me of something out of Banjo Kazooie.

There are 150 levels in 15 blocks of 10, 3 bolts to collect in each level and one secret per level block. There’s a decent amount of puzzles here for your $5.

Overall: Maggie the Magnet is a charming little puzzle game about a cute magnet.

Verdict: Recommended

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