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Reasoning of Courage Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/15/22
PublisherHero Game
ESRB RatingE

You know we’re off to a great start with Reasoning of Courage when the store banner is something you can whip up in a photo editor in two minutes and the description is in broken English:

Boy, courage unravels the mysteries of everyday life
It is a short detective novel game.

That is a direct quote from the Nintendo E-Shop.

It gets even better when the Switch icon is as follows:

Reasoning of Courage Switch Review
There are excellent fan translations of giant JPGs out there done for free… Just saying.

Load up Reasoning of Courage and you get this:

Reasoning of Courage Switch Review
Exciting isn’t it?

Behold the lifeless backgrounds with no characters and untranslated Japanese text.

I’m not going to mince words here, Reasoning of Courage is shit. I don’t even have to read Japanese to know this game is complete and utter shit. Hero Game published a game on the English E-Shop in Japanese and could not even be bothered to insert a cute anime girl to at least entice you. This game is a total failure on all fronts.

Overall: Save your dollar fifty for a can of soda. You’ll get more refreshment with that than you will with this obvious lazy scam of a game.

Verdict: Garbage

E-Shop Page

P.S. For a review which goes into what this actually is, read my Inquiry For Justice Review

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