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Inquiry for Justice Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date3/3/23
PublisherHero Game

Hero Game, the award-winning studio behind Reasoning of Courage and Reasoning of Courage123, is at it again with Inquiry for Justice. It’s a tour de force where you interview a middle school girl over lip balm… and I got so bored I stopped playing. Yes, the studio behind the low effort, Japanese-only visual novels have released another one. This time, via the magic of Google Lens, I have been able to translate the text. Yes, it butchered the translation. I highly doubt you work in the landscaping department with Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid:

However, it translated Inquiry for Justice well enough that I could get the gist of what was going on. There is actually somewhat of a game here, where you have to interrogate suspects based on clues and what they say. It’s sort of like a low-rent Phoenix Wright-style game. I honestly didn’t care enough to finish. For one thing, there are no visuals of who you are talking to or where you are. Just the generic picture above. It’s extremely lazy and drags down what could have been passable.

In the end, Inquiry for Justice is a cheap Japanese-only visual novel with no effort put into anything. Unless you really want to experience this riveting tale with Google Lens, you are better off going anywhere else.

Overall: Inquiry for Justice is a cheap Japanese-only visual novel with no effort put in to anything, just like every Hero Game game.

Verdict: Garbage

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