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The Solitaire Conspiracy Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date6/11/2011
PublisherAnt Workshop
ESRB RatingE10+

Developed by Bithell, this is a solitaire variation with a spy thriller coat of paint. You play as somebody recruited by Jim Ratio to lead Pretego, a clandestine spy organization. Someone named Solitaire has knocked it offline, and you have to get all the spies back together. And you do this by playing solitaire. The story honestly doesn’t matter, though there are full FMV cut-scenes.

The Solitaire Conspiracy

So The Solitaire Conspiracy is a solitaire variation where you have to shuffle stacks of cards around to create piles A-K. However, there are two wrinkles. First, cards can only be put on cards of a higher rank. So a 7 can only be put on an 8 or above. Second, the various spy organizations you recruit are card suits, and the three face cards have special abilities attached. For example, Drive Team 6 will send the next card in a suit to the home pile regardless of where it is. Incognito Limited will randomly shuffle the cards in the stack. Like any solitaire game, your initial shuffle determines everything, so you can reset without penalty as many times as you want.

There is a campaign where you play missions to further the story, but it’s not really important. There’s a daily challenge and a “skirmish” mode for infinite plays. Meanwhile, campaign missions can either be played without turn limit, or with turn limits for an exp boost.

The Solitaire Conspiracy
FMV is hokey and doesn’t really need to be there.

There are currently 42 different solitaire games on the Switch (I searched for “solitaire”). And they all tend to blend together, with the same variations over and over again. The Solitaire Conspiracy stands out among the pack because it’s unique, and that counts for something.

Overall: The Solitaire Conspiracy is a unique solitaire experience that is worth a play for any solitaire fan.

Verdict: Must Play

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