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Real Truck Simulator 2022 Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/22/2022
PublisherNot Listed(wonder why…)
ESRB RatingE

I will start this review out with the ad on the e-shop:

Note the name in the shop. There is no Driving, Parking or Speed Racing in this game. You drive a truck through an utterly lifeless environment. Despite what the provided screen shots show you, there are no cars on the road.

So you load up the game, pick a truck and see this:

How about no! Oh and notice that the name of the game is different here…

Click yes and and the game starts…

It’s as exciting as it looks.

Most of the driving is done with the touchscreen. though you can accelerate, brake and turn with joycons. You start up, pick up a mission and go driving, using the minimap for directions. I made a turn, clipped through a guardrail and ended up stuck. I turned the game off.

Then I turned it on again, started up and got this problem:

I’m on the mission select marker, parked, but can’t select a mission.

There’s more to it, but I honestly don’t care enough to talk about it.

Actually, yes I do. This game is a scam. It is barely a game. It is barely functional. It is a ripoff of Truck Simulator. I haven’t played that game yet, but I will now eventually play it to compare. And at least that publisher had the nicety to put their name on it. Real Truck Simulator was designed to make you think this was that. Its not. Don’t buy it. I want my $10 back!

Overall: I rather get my CDL and drive a real big rig than play this again. At least I’d be getting paid.

Verdict: Garbage

E-Shop Page

P.S. Try ClusterTruck for awesome truck action

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