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Breakneck City Switch Review

Release Date1/5/2022
PlatformNintendo Switch
ESRB RatingM

I have played the classic beat ‘em up of the 90s. Your Final Fights 1-3, Streets of Rage 1-3(plus 4), TMNT Turtles in Time, X-Men, Simpsons, Golden Axe 1-3 ect. I love classic beat ’em ups. Breakneck City doesn’t hold a candle to those classics, thought it nearly could have.

Breakneck City
The joint is called Spaghetti, but they serve curry…

You play two ninety pound women beating up an entire gang of men who burned down their favorite video store. Its as sound a story as any other 90s beat ’em up. I’ll take it.

Breakneck City focuses on environmental interactions. You throw dudes over railings, out windows, into hooks and chairs to stun. That is actually pretty cool to be honest. That where the goodness ends.

Breckneck City
My eyes hurt this level

I don’t normally focus on graphics in my reviews, but here they are ugly as sin. The screenshots just don’t do it justice just how bad they are. The screenshot above, of a club level, was so gaudy I had to let my eyes rest a bit. The world is lifeless and ugly and just not pretty to look at.

The actual game play boils down to “mash punch button to win.” Granted, this was true in most 90s beat ’em up, but here you have kick button(which don’t use if you want to win) and a dash that’s pointless outside of boss battles.

Breakneck City
Bosses are easier than regular enemies. I never died once fighting them. Punch Punch Dash!

In the end, I’m torn. Breakneck City apes nineties beat ’em ups, but for some reason just doesn’t gel into something compelling that I want to sit through. I’m not quite sure why, maybe its graphics, maybe its the easy levels, but I’d rather go play Streets of Rage now.

Overall: Breakneck City wants to be a contender, but misses the mark.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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