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The Takeover Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date6/4/2020
PublisherAntonios Pelakanos
ESRB RatingT

The Takeover released some time ago, and got over shadowed by Streets of Rage 4 releasing just before. It was on sale and normally is only $20, so I’ll review it here. The Takeover is a side scrolling beat ’em up in the vein of Streets of Rage and Final Fight. You play as a bombshell mom and buff dad and their friend searching for the couple’s adopted daughter. You fight from the means streets, to the sewers, to a ship, to an island filled with monsters, to an ancient Japanese village, to an oil rig base.

Thank god for boob tape!

The story takes itself seriously, but as it progresses, it gets more outlandish to the point I couldn’t quite take it seriously, as none of what transpires will get explained. Why am I mowing down savages with a machine gun in a tropical temple ruin? Don’t know.

The Takeover
Obvious game reference is obvious!

The Takeover’s story is ultimately nonsense, thankfully the beat ’em up game play is rock solid. You have a punch, kick, jump and special button. Plus a gun you can pull out and shoot, though bullets are limited. Kick ass you fill the special and rage meter. Specials clear the screen, going into rage mode makes you super powerful.

The Takeover
Bosses are surprisingly not as tough as getting swarmed by enemies.

There are also two mini-games in level 3 and level 7. One is where you’re in a vehicle shooting enemies under a time limit. The other is flying a jet plane shooting helicopters. Passing these are optional but gain you an extra life.

The Takeover
Thank you fat enemy for showing up to your own beat ’em up in level six of seven.

There are three characters to start in The Takeover, two unlocked. Seven levels and you can start any of the sections within them. There is also a challenge mode unlocked as well.

The Takeover
Cut scenes are well done and the voice acting is good.

Despite the story, The Takeover is ultimately a good beat ’em that can stand on its own and is well worth a play through for any beat ’em up fan. It’s especially astounding considering most of the work was done by one guy and we know how that can turn out.

Overall: The Takeover gets nonsensical, but the game play is pure 90s beat ’em up fun!

Verdict: Recommended

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