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Jigsaw Masterpieces Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release date5/21/2020
Cost$0.99-$4.99(depends on the starter version)

For licensing reasons, Jigsaw Masterpieces will not allow to you take screenshots, but that’s fine. There’s plenty to find on the Nintendo’s website because Jigsaw Masterpieces has 64 DLC packs. Yes, you read that right, SIXTY-FOUR pieces of DLC, all priced at $2.99 for ten puzzles each. Each DLC is a different puzzle theme, anything from Seasonal Flowers in Japan, to Baby Animals.

I got the Masterpieces of World Starter pack, that came with Renaissance and Baroque collections. I am not touching Kawaii Cute Goddesses without a download code.

So how is the Jigsaw puzzling itself? Its fine. You have three difficulty levels for each puzzle, 70, 260, 400. In the puzzle, you can preview the painting with the up D button, clear undecided pieces with left D and split between edge and interior with right D. Thankfully, every piece is upright(unlike real jigsaw puzzles). The pieces are tiny on 400, but the touch screen is responsive and you can pick up individual pieces well.

Aww :3

There’s not much more to say, Jigsaw Masterpieces a good jigsaw puzzle game with tons of DLC, meaning tons of puzzles for you to enjoy, and the DLC often goes on sale. While I would’ve liked more puzzles for your buck, I’ve seen more expensive jigsaw puzzle games that give you fewer puzzles, so its ok by me.

Overall: The jigsaw puzzle game to end all jigsaw puzzle games.

Verdict: Recommended

Nintendo Site(I linked to the publisher search page so you can see all the DLC).

P.S. For a horrible jigsaw puzzle game, play Anime Beauty Girls Puzzle! For one for girls, try Mermaid Story!

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