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Reknum DX Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/14/2022
PublisherNape Games
ESRB RatingE10+

Reknum DX is an old school platformer and therefore is hard, or rather confounding. But we’ll get there. First, you play as Cheri Rosu, an elven princess who must collect 5 gems enchanted by an evil sorceress or something.

Reknum DX
Umm, why if humans merged with technology, does the game take place in a fantasy realm?

You start out in magical sanctuary, which as acts as tutorial. A to jump. B is a bow attack. Y is a sword attack. ZL to run. Pick up a heart to get a temporary heart added to your health bar. Potions add a heart back to your health bar. Treasure chests contain GP, every five hundred, you get a speed or jump buff.

Reknum DX
Enemies are not your biggest threat.

Then you get to the Forest of Illusion, and you are introduced to traps. They don’t take off health, but instantly send you back to the start of a stage. No checkpoints. This gets annoying quickly.

Then you get to the first boss, who fires instant restart balls. Get hit by one, fight restarts instantly. Seriously? I understand getting good, but why have a health bar at all if the biggest threats to you just restart a level?

Reknum DX
Screw you instant restart balls of doom!

It’s really a confounding game design choice. It makes the game a slog to get through. If you’re a gaming master, you might enjoy Reknum DX. I’m going to pass, no thanks .

Overall: Reknum DX is too hard and frustrating for me to enjoy. You might enjoy the challenge though.

Verdict: YMMV

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