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Nirvana Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date5/6/2022
PublisherRedDeer Games
ESRB RatingT
This is the clean version.

Despite what the cover image will tell you, Nirvana is not a naughty game. An earlier version of it called Nirvana Pilot Yume was. This is the dollar more clean version. Why would they do this? I’m guessing because the game is a great mix space racer and visual novel. Therefore, sex is really not needed and they can get a wider audience as a result.

This goes real fast, unless you apply the brakes, then it goes sort of fast.

In Nirvana, X starts the race, stick moves side to side, A jumps, and ZR brakes. The goal is to make to the end of the ten different tracks, jumping and dodging to stay alive. The Nirvana synch bar is your life. Crash or fly off the track, the bar goes down. Do that at zero, race over.

Nothing suggestive here!

There are two modes in Nirvana, story and arcade. Arcade is really practice mode as you race freely on any track with 100% synch. You’ll need to practice as story mode is hard. It is a visual novel peppered with races. Depending on how you do, succeed or fail, story moves on and your synch level will go up or down.

Oh no!

In the story, psychics guide pilots through the race course. You play Mitur Aldaine, a psychic who lost a pilot. The link broke and she flew into the sun. Ten years later, you’re looking for a comeback with a young and eager novice pilot named Yume(the woman in the first image). In addition to the races, your dialog choices will also affect your synch level. There are 5 different endings depending on how you do.

I liked this game a lot, even though I’m terrible at it. The visual novel/racing mix is enticing, and there’s a cool synthwave soundtrack to go along with it. Fully recommended.

By the way, either as DLC or as part of the deluxe edition, there is relax mode. It is basically a screen saver where the ship flies through space and cool tunes play. If you didn’t but deluxe, you’re not missing much.

Overall: Nirvana is a potent mix of space race and visual novel.

Verdict: Recommended

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