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Go Rally Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date1/13/2023
ESRB RatingE

Go Rally is a rally game. A rally is where you drive a car on and off road around twisting tracks to set the best time. They are usually run in stages, and your time is cumulative through the stages. The best known Rally video game series is probably the Dirt series, which has faded in recent years because EA bought Codemasters and EA is gonna EA. Go Rally is no Dirt game, but its pretty solid nevertheless.

The game is top down, not directly behind. The car controls are simple gas and reverse. Tapping reverse lets you drift around curves, which is critical for getting the best times. My only real complaint about the game play, in unlike Dirt, you don’t have a navigator to tell you what to expect. Instead of you have a mini-map, which takes your eyes off the road.

The areas you’ll be racing come in three varieties: Green forest, snow forest and desert forest. You might be traveling around the world, but good luck telling the difference, because you can’t. The areas are constructed well through, with loads of roads leading off and buildings and cars dotting the landscapes. There are also nice visual touches, like tire burns remaining on the road when you restart a stage(and you will).

In Go Rally, there are a hundred tracks divided into thirty rallies in four divisions, so there is a quite a bit of game here to enjoy. You also have a selection of muscle cars that you’ll drive that’ll upgrade as the game goes along. So, just keep in mind this in not a full fledged 3d rendered rally epic, and you’ll find a lot here to enjoy.

Overall: Go Rally is not the Dirt or WRC series, but if you go in knowing you’ll get a solid rally title on a budget, you’ll find a lot to enjoy,

Verdict: Recommended

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