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Cyber Fight Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date3/13/2022
PublisherUltimate Games

Cyber Fight is a cyberpunk beat ’em up by one guy. Unfortunately, that guy spent so much time on the graphics he forgot to fine tune the AI, and therefore the game sinks very quickly.

Cyber Fight
The game is quite pretty.

For a cheap game, the graphics in Cyber Fight are quite good. Everything is crisp, clear and well animated, even the backgrounds are extremely well done. There are also seven music tracks that fit the theme. There’s a very helpful tutorial level. There are a lot of different moves you can do, including blocking, running punches, and ground attacks. Then you start the actual game proper…

Cyber Fight
You’ll be seeing this a lot

You know how in good beat ’em ups, enemies spread out and attack in turns to give you a fighting chance. Not in Cyber Fight. You start playing and immediately three guys rush at you in a clump and start relentlessly wailing on you. You can block, which is rare in a beat ’em up. But take your finger off the block button, and you’re going to get a beat down. Your only hope is to connect first and give them a beat down, otherwise, you’re going down as there are no counter attacks. There are plentiful health pickups on the first level. It’ll do you no good if you’re slow on the punch and get massacred by 4 guys at once.

Cyber Fight
There is a story here, but it is unimportant.

The unfair AI is a disappointing, because otherwise you have the ingredients of a good beat ’em up in Cyber Fight. Unless you are a glutton for punishment, I’d look elsewhere.

Overall: In most beat ’em ups, you beat the game. In Cyber Fight, the game beats you.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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