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Elo 1100 Chess Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date3/4/2022
PublisherPix Arts
ESRB RatingE

This is a bare bones chess game. There are not multiple sets or boards. There is no chess tutorial. Just you against the AI on a 2d chess board:

The buttons on the left can be confusing. All you can do is undo move at the first, then either redo or cause the AI to move. There is position meter on the right, it supposedly shows the strength of your chess position, but since there’s no documentation on it, I don’t know what it shows.

So the star here is the AI. How is it? It is a moron, making boneheaded move after boneheaded move, even into higher difficulties. If I was a better chess player, I’m sure I could wipe the floor with it even on the highest setting. If I felt like downloading Fritz for PC and running up against Elo 1100, Fritz would wipe the floor with it(just as it did Ultra Chess on Switch a few years earlier).

Beat in five moves. It did this twice, once on level one, and again on level 3.

In the end, Elo 1100 a four dollar chess engine. You get exactly what you pay for(most serious chess engines go for far more). There are even far better chess programs out there, even for the Switch. I’d pass if you’re looking for a serious opponent.

Overall: Elo 1100 is a four dollar chess engine. You get what you pay for.

Verdict: Not recommended

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P.S. Other Chess games on the switch, like Chess Maiden, aren’t much better! Try Hola! Reversi for something better!

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