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Chess Maiden Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/14/23
PublisherYeTa Games
ESRB RatingE

I’ve stated in prior chess game reviews that the Switch doesn’t have the computing power to make a chess engine worth anything. However, Chess Maiden claims: “One of the key features of Chess Maiden is its advanced AI opponent, which has been specifically designed to mimic the thought process and strategy of a human player. This means that you will be challenged every time you play, and will have to bring your best game in order to beat the Maiden.” The blurb is lying to you. The chess AI does not put up a challenge at all. This is because it’s opening moves, every single time, will be Queen Rook Pawn to A5, then A4, then A3. It does this every single game. What’s worse, it takes a minute sometimes for the AI to decide on a move, and it’s a stupid boneheaded one.

It doesn’t matter what you do, it’ll do the same moves every time.

Then there is the Chess Maiden herself, a creepy maid. I don’t really understand why they put her in there; she serves no real purpose. On top of that, you can’t adjust her skill level, make changes to the boards and pieces, nothing. This is a stripped down chess game with the dumbest opponent I’ve ever witnessed. Sure, there’s a two-player mode, but you might as well whip out a real chess board and play that instead. There is no reason to buy this. Skip this.

Overall: Chess Maiden is a stripped down chess game with the dumbest chess AI I’ve ever witnessed. There is no reason to play this.

Verdict: Garbage

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