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Ord Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date11/6/2020
PublisherRatalaika Games
ESRB RatingT

Ord. Good. Buy…

Seriously though, Ord is a minimalist text adventure. You are given a word, and two choices, then a one word response. Like this:


Despite this, Ord can present a complex and layered narrative despite using minimalist text. This is most apparent in the Foul Things story, where you are child trapped in a cell and have to get away from a monster. It was very atmospheric.

The game can be funny, exciting, sad, depressing and everything in between.

There are five stories to play in Ord, including Foul Things. Quest, where you leave your house to kill a warlock in a tower. Dimensions, where you world jump through portals. Worlds, where you play god and create a world. Finally, there’s Heist, where you commit and bank robbery and escape.

Every time!

All five stories are large and complex and somewhat randomized. For example, in Quest, you will always encounter a dungeon but what happens in the dungeon changes every game. Furthermore, there are a list of unique achievements that you can earn based on what you do in the game.

The game also sports some neat effects.

So to summarize, Ord. Good. Buy.

Game. Reviewed. End.

Overall: Ord. Good. Buy.

Verdict: Must Play

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