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Fingun Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date3/18/2022
ESRB RatingM

Warning: The following review of Fingun is for a game not intended for children!

Fingun is a very naughty shooter where you blow the clothes of giant anime women(and dudes). Unlike Waifu Uncovered, which was a vertical bullet hell shooter, this is horizontal bullet hell shooter.


Each level, you face the girl(or dude) as a boss and avoid the projectiles and the boss themselves. Every time you break a piece of their outfit, you get a POW coin that levels you up, giving up mini-fingun drones and rotating shields.

You don’t see his junk, thankfully

Defeat the girls and you get 6 different pictures of them, three pixelated and three realistic and, yes, they do get nude.


Fingun is simply fun to play and all not that difficult. There a fourteen levels to shoot through, but you’ll be done in an hour or two, but its only five bucks, so you still get your monies worth. Of special note is the soundtrack, which is made up of well done and catchy instrumental J-pop tunes.

Overall: Fingun is short but entertaining naughty shooting fun.

Verdict: Recommended

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