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Prison Life Simulator 2022 Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date6/10/2022
PublisherMidnight Works
ESRB RatingT

Word Salad title? Check. Different title in game? Check. Bad grammar and spelling in game? Check. It looks like we’re in for crap with Prison Life Simulator 2022!

Prison Life Simulator 2022
There is no sound here. No music or sound effects.

You pull up to State Prison and walk inside, following the guards instructions. You leave your stuff, shower and change clothes(off screen).

Prison Life Simulator 2022
Most of the game is basically follow the marker.

Now, you walk into the cell block and up the stairs and choose a bed. You automatically chose the top one.

Prison Life Simulator 2022
This is you.
Prison Life Simulator 2022
And this is you during dialog… Notice something?

Your cell mate walks in and starts a fight for no reason. Top bunks are terrible(take it from me).

Prison Life Simulator 2022
This is your cell mate during dialog
Prison Life Simulator 2022
And your cell mate during fight, notice he’s wearing a bandana.

He’ll instantly kick your ass because of controls are awful and your life is constantly draining regardless of him punching. Then right back to the start you’ll go and you’ll start with a sliver of health. Why? Don’t know.

Overall: They make real prisoners play Prison Life Simulator 2022 endlessly as punishment.

Verdict: Garbage

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P.S. Try Midnight Runner for something better Midnight Works put out!

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