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Midnight Runner Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date1/20/23
PublisherMidnight Works
ESRB RatingT

Midnight Runner – Blade Galaxy Beat Puzzle Legacy 3D Games Ultimate Edition is a game by Midnight Works, the developer known for crap all around, like Prison Life Simulator. Strangely, this game is actually good. I am shocked. Totally shocked, because the images on the store front lied to me. You see they promised a third person platformer, and gave me and first person one:

Complete liars!

AS you can see, the game store promises a third person viewpoint. This is not a third person game. This is a first person game, This is what the game actually looks like:

Totally first person!

Despite the game being in first person, the game is still a platform game. You jump, crouch and ledge grapple your way through various obstacle courses filled with platforms, jump pads and traps. The first person view takes some getting used to, as there is no shadow. However, after awhile, it’ll become second nature. And then you’ll have fun, because Midnight Runner is a fun game, It can get hard, but the game is forgiving with the times. In the first level, to get bronze you need to beat 6:30. Plenty of time.

Engrish can be forgiven

I enjoyed Midnight Runner. I think it is best game I’ve played from Midnight Works. There is a real, non-broken game here that can be fun. Well done Midnight Works on not being total failures. You deserve a round of applause.

Overall: Midnight Runner is a good game from Midnight Works, a usual purveyor of garbage games. Well done developers!

Verdict: Recommended

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