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One Hell of a Ride Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date9/30/2022
PublisherChilidog Interactive
ESRB RatingT

One Hell of Ride in the game description draws comparisons to Twisted Metal and Carmageddon. While, yes, there are some similarities to those, there is a still older car combat series that it reminds me of most, one that is largely forgotten today, that being MegaRace. MegaRace 1 is car combat arcade game where you destroy your competition before the laps run out to win. MegaRace 2 is an actual combat racer where you actually have to win the race(though the AI is a tad unfair). The less said about MegaRace 3, the better.

Lace Boyle was awesome!

So One Hell of Ride is more akin to MegaRace 2. Although the main difference is that in this game, the enemies respawn when destroyed, in Megarace, its game over. The races in One Hell of a Ride will vary in the number of laps, the number of competitors, and whether you can even use weapons.

One Hell of a Ride

The AI is not a pushover, but fair and you can win on your first go without upgrading your car with the winnings you get each race(you should still upgrade though). There is some semblance of a story here, but you forget it exists after awhile. There are twenty five races in total for a decent amount of content for seven dollar.

One Hell of a Ride

In the end, One Hell of Ride is a very good budget car combat racer. I really have almost no complaints. Its probably not going to be played 30 years from now like MegaRace is(I’m going to load it up for a spin after I’m done with this review), but the fun factor sure comes close.

Overall: Get ready for One Hell of a Ride!

Verdict: Must Play

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