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Brick Breaker Ball Shooter Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date10/6/2022
ESRB RatingE

Some people might ask me, “Mordie, how do you review games so fast?” The answer is for many games, I don’t have to play long to review. Take Brick Breaker Ball Shooter, the OTHER breakout clone to release on 10/6/2022(the other breakout clone being the phenomenal Wizorb). Brick Breaker is a breakout clone, it does what a breakout clone should do, mostly.

Brick Breaker Ball Shooter
It’s breakout!

You move a paddle on screen, bouncing a ball to break blocks. Power-ups will drop. Some are good like slow down and lasers. Others are bad like speed up and instant death. It’s generic breakout.

Brick Breaker Ball Shooter

The problem is are the minor annoying bugs, like when the ball gets stuck in the paddle and you have to move to get it out. The other was when I beat level three, clicked next, and ended up on level two for some reason. The paddle also moves like it has a weight attached, so the controls feel clunky.

When it goes up against Wizorb, Brick Breaker feels charmless and puny. Even against a generic breakout clone, Brick Breaker doesn’t do anything special to be worth a play. The death knell is being $10, when Wizorb is $5. Skip this.

Overall: Skip Brick Breaker Ball Shooter, play Wizorb instead. Trust me.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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P.S. For great Breakout try Wizorb and Shatter Remastered!

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