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Insider Her (bedroom) Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/17/2022
ESRB RatingM

Warning: This review for Insider Her (bedroom) is for a game to be played by brave adults only!

Inside Her (bedroom) reminds me of a game called Marble Cooking that released over 20 years ago, which I shall not be linking to, but you can find if you want to. It was a decent puzzle game ruined by mind-bending awful nude pictures that no sane human being needed to see. In a lot of ways, it was the forerunner of Inside Her.

Inside Her (bedroom)
You don’t need to see what comes next, but you do anyway.

In Insider Her (bedroom) you help six monster girls clean their bedrooms of panties, bras, condoms and handcuffs. The screen is divided into sections, you on one side, her on the other. She mirrors your moves, move up, she moves up, move right, she moves left. Your goal is to collect all the stuff and meet on her bed.

Inside Her (bedroom)
She can move over walls, but not into smoke. You can move through smoke, but not walls.

While Inside Her (bedroom) throws more curve balls at you, like in chapter 3 above the puzzling is pretty easy and you’ll beat it pretty quickly.

Inside Her (bedroom)
You’ll also be going inside her…

You start off with soft mode, where the keep their clothes on, even during naughty pics, and then you unlock spicy mode, where you play the same puzzles to unlock them with their clothes off(and CG of you screwing them, at least in the Steam version). I’m not sure that’s a reason to play it again.

So, if you really want to play Insider Her (bedroom), play it to experience the puzzling action, then turn it off, because some things you don’t really need to see.

Overall: Inside Her (bedroom) is an easy puzzle game with questionable rewards.

Verdict: YMMV

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