Rumble Dragon Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date2/10/2022
PublisherGotcha Gotcha Games
ESRB Rating SeriesE10+

Rumble Dragon is part of the The Pixel Game Maker Series. It is a series of games made in Pixel Game Maker MV released for the Nintendo Switch. There are a series of these, and I will be reviewing more of them(happen to have another PGM game lined up for review, but I need to get a bit further).

Pixel Game Maker Series Rumble Dragon Switch  Review

Rumble Dragon is a beat ’em up that could be home on the Game Boy. In fact, I’m quite sure that’s intentional. You pick a guy or a girl and go bust some heads in monochrome green. There’s a punch button and kick button. Pressing both together will unleash a special move that will drain some health. You can also grab, attack backwards, and even counter.

Pixel Game Maker Series Rumble Dragon Switch  Review
This boss’s chest is so shiny, merely baring it knocks you over(I’m serious).

Unlike yesterday’s beat ’em up, I like Rumble Dragon. It is not clunky and does not make my eyes bleed. It also puts up a fair bit of challenge in an old school way. You just can’t make the punch button and win here, you actually have to use the specials and even make use of the simple combo system.

Pixel Game Maker Series Rumble Dragon Switch  Review
I had to wait until level 3 before they added the fat guy.

The only issue with Pixel Game Maker Series Rumble Dragon is the repetition of the same 3-4 regular enemies with no palette swap available. Other than that, this is sold retro beat ’em up. I fully look forward to reviewing the other games in the Pixel Game Maker series.

Overall: Pixel Game Maker Series Rumble Dragon is a solid retro beat ’em up with a surprising amount of depth.

Verdict: Recommended

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P.S. Don’t be Cyber Fight or Scrap Games!

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