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Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date8/1/2022
PublisherThalamus Digital
ESRB RatingE

Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon is a twin stick shooter taking place in rather large procedurally generated dungeons, rocking out to a decent electronic soundtrack.

Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon Switch Review
The story actually matters here!

It is 2084, humanity’s robot overlords have banned music and dancing. But in the underground, Dr. Dysco has discovered music can destroy the robots. He builds an arsenal of weapons to destroy them. On the cusp of completing the rainbow laser, the robots kidnap Dr. Dysco. Its your job to rescue him and escape the dungeon.

Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon Switch Review
Navigate between the projectiles to get the key to complete the room. Killing the bots is optional here.

Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon is essentially you go from room to room in the dungeon, mostly fighting robots, though in some room, its simply traversing hazards. In some room, you just have to kill the robots, in others, you have to get keys to complete the room. Once the room is complete, other exits will open and you move on. There are also dead ends, however, and you’ll have to back track.

Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon Switch Review
In this room, go around the moving hazard blocks to destroy the red and yellow blocks.

To fight the robots, you have are given a variety of weapons, two standard and several pickups that expire after enough use. The weapons will fire on their own beat, however, the more powerful weapons will fire less often than the weaker ones.

Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon Switch Review
There you are!

The goal of Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon is find to Dr. Dysco. His room will spawn very far away from you. After that, you then go to the level exist, usually near Dysco’s room. Once you exit the dungeon, your score is put on a leader board and back to the main menu.

There are three difficulty levels. On easy, when you die, your score just resets and you continue on. On normal, when you die your score resets and you teleport to the last completed room. On hard, its game over when you die.

Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon Switch Review
If you’re sensitive to flashing lights, the game allows you to adjust that.

The game puts up a good challenge, and each run’s length depends on where Dysco is and how much of the dungeon you want to clear out. But, you will win in less than an hour almost guaranteed.

Therefore, the only serious issue is the Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon’s longevity. Unless you’re going for a high score, there’s not all that much reason to play for more than a few runs. I’d have sold the game for $4.99 instead of $9.99 myself. I’d also have added in giant boss robots.

I’ll recommend, but do wait for a sale.

Overall: Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon is a very short but funky dungeon crawler.

Verdict: Recommended (if on sale)

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