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Criminal Expert Switch Review

PlatformNintendo Switch
Release Date8/26/2022
PublisherForever Entertainment
ESRB RatingM

Criminal Expert is a mystery game set in Poland(I think). While the game is in English, all the FMV is in Polish, which is fine. A woman runs into the road and nearly gets run over by a guy. She gets taken to the hospital and its up to you to figure out what happened.

Criminal Expert
The FMV and acting is pretty good for a game like this.

You then get dropped off in your office.

Criminal Expert

It is here where you’ll spend most of your time. You can do computer searches, look at files, make phones call and interrogate people. And it is here you discover the game’s critical flaw off the bat, you have to do things in the right order or the game ends in failure.

For example, you get the hospital file. It says the guy who brought her in. However, if you don’t do a computer search for him and instead pick up the phone to interrogate him, the game ends in failure. Or you have 3 hours to solve the case, if you don’t go in the right order, the game ends with no explanation as to why.

Criminal Expert
At least you can play freecell!

The problem I have with many point-and-click adventure games is that you have to think like the developers and make the connections the developers want to you make. Here, if you don’t, you’re screwed. Like there is a mini game where you have to select three pieces of evidence to tie together, but you get only three tries. If you fail, you can’t retry. So you have to know going in what the developers want you to find.

If you’re a criminal expert yourself, you may find something to like here. The rest of us might want to steer clear as there is no walkthrough anywhere.

Overall: Criminal Expert needs a real criminal expert to beat the game.

Verdict: YMMV

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